EXPRESS configurator for your TH/prober/handler etc.

combo checker tool
precision, reliability, flexibility all in one

key features
  • checking x-/y-/z-alignment between pogo tower and boards
  • reliable and precise board position measuring while test head is docked → use of imprint indicator tape or plasticine no longer required
  • eliminating pogo tower and/or docking open contacts and/or increased contact resistance → significantly facilitated troubleshooting
  • easy installation and operation due to pogo-tower-like design
  • precise real-time feedback on docking adjustment
  • four 1.2 megapixel cameras with USB 2.0 connections:
    -  screen display of four live camera pictures (with crosshairs) → 2x probe card side + 2x loard board side
    -  real-time monitoring of x-/y-/z-setup adjustments → tool stays in place
    -  USB stick with software included (software runs on conventional Windows PCs)
  • four distance sensors for diagonal/cross measuring:
    -  with a 0.05 mm measuring tolerance
    -  measuring results may be saved and transmitted to PC
  • integration/stationary installation in some pogo towers possible
  • sturdy transport/storage case with foam inlay
  • feasibility analyses for any pogo tower available upon request
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