EXPRESS configurator for your TH/prober/handler etc.

talos – next generation,
a novel + easy-to-use device handling system
automating your microchip engineering test procedures

system key features

  • reliable and easy-to-use device handling system
  • -60 °C to +175 °C (-76 °F to +347 °F) device testing temperature with active thermal control system (ATC)
    for cold/hot tests → tri-temp testing
  • multiple test cycles at different test temperatures without user interaction
  • in combination with esmo phoenix cart, lowest test cell footprint in the market
  • kitless test handler OR customized handling system, with modular system configurations as per individual
    requirements and the intended use
  • easily moveable, small footprint
  • standard docking interface for all testers
  • remote control via Ethernet
  • high MTBF values, low maintenance efforts

handling key features

  • highly accurate and reliable 4+1-axis portal pick-and-place robot system
  • manual tray/tube/tape loading and unloading options
  • free pin1 orientation
  • high contact force of 450 N – higher contact force of up to 800 N available on request
  • 15.6" widescreen HMI with multi-touch capability
  • integrated camera system for pick-and-place position teaching
  • FIFO or BIN sort mode with free tray/tube assignment
  • software-supported tray/tube/tape resorting feature
  • RS232 or optional TCP/IP or GPIB tester interfaces

talos – optional features