EXPRESS configurator for your TH/prober/handler etc.

semiconductor test handling system

Applications in the semiconductor industry demand high-precision, innovative state-of-the-art technology [e.g. automated optical inspection (AOI), tri-temp testing, IC testing, sensor testing etc.] as well as reliable, predictable, and sustainable performance properties within clean and controlled test floor environments for premium quality control and assurance.

As a full-service systems integrator, esmo semicon offers a full suite of test equipment solutions, including automatic test equipment (ATE) and automated handling solutions, for the international semiconductor test industry.

We design, manufacture, and service cutting-edge technology device handling solutions, from basic sub-systems to comprehensive, turn-key automation systems, and entire platforms, as stand-alone components or as part of an integrated system.

Our novel and easy-to-use device handling system talos may be employed as a basic, kitless test handler or, with its expansive selection of optional modules, as an advanced test handling system catering to most various testing requirements, all depending on individual requirements and the intended use.

esmo semicon testing/handling solutions are customized in order to satisfy OEM and/or the end user's specific requirements, depending on their respective lab/test environments.