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"To even better service our customers."

With its unique worldwide sales and service support network, the esmo group strongly focuses on all-round customer service and proximity in order to design customized, yet cost-efficient solutions.

In close cooperation with our subsidiaries and partners all over the world, the esmo group is constantly expanding its worldwide sales and service network, thus offering numerous advantages: modular design and global availability, independent of time zone and location as well as fast and flexible transactions within shortest response times.

It is due to the global operations and interaction of the esmo group that the entire range of esmo standard spare parts is available all over the world at any time.

Dynamic at its best


Ever since its foundation in 2001, esmo AG has successfully established itself in the global economy as an internationally operating enterprise. The establishment of its subsidiary companies esmo Asia Pte. Ltd. in Singapore, Singapore (2004), esmo USA Corp. in California, USA (2005), esmo Asia North Co. Ltd. in Shanghai, China (2008) as well as flextos GmbH in Rosenheim, Germany (2009) represents one of its vital milestones. In 2007, esmo AG was awarded the "Bavaria's Best 50" prize for its above-average corporate development.

In order to flexibly and quickly respond to  technological developments and economic changes as well as to satisfy customer requirements, the esmo group has expanded its global operations to various industry sectors: esmo automation (plant engineering, custom machine engineering, system integration, and automation technology), esmo semicon (manipulators, docking and interfacing products as well as handling systems for the international semiconductor industry), flextos GmbH (state-of-the-art mechanical engineering technology for drywall construction, e.g. CNC milling machines, and finishing products, just to name a few).

In November 2011, esmo AG joined Accuron Technologies Limited, an internationally operating group of companies, specializing in the sectors of aerospace as well as industrial and medical technologies, as their subsidiary company. Accuron Technologies, comprising numerous subsidiaries all over the world, is part of Temasek Holdings Singapore with a portfolio of more than 313 billion U.S. Dollars. This merger provides esmo AG with increased stability and financial strength, offering significant growth potentials in existing and new markets and business sectors alike.

The development and the success of the esmo group demonstrate vitality and distinctiveness.

esmo is dynamic at its best.


In order to provide consistent, timely and local support to global customers the esmo group is continuously increasing personnel worldwide. With an uncompromising promotion of specialized training programs, the esmo group invests in qualification and skills. The experience, the competence, and the motivation of esmo employees make up the strong and reliable basis which ensures the success of esmo customers and the success of the esmo group.


Innovative curiosity, imagination, and response to customer feedback create solutions. Driven by their desire for innovation and perfection, for advanced, innovative and refined technologies, the esmo group offers customized and flexible solutions as well as their timely and professional realization.


"Everything is possible." No phrase-mongering but the pronounced goal of all esmo group members. Leading-edge technology, state-of-the-art machinery, and production engineering as well as efficient processes and lean structures assure to meet even the most challenging customer requirements within incomparable delivery periods.