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machinery construction

We plan, develop + build special machines for your automation

special machine engineering

Want to automate some or all of your production? To help you make better use of your time, money and expertise? We’ll plan, develop, design and build the special machine you need. Of course we will do this in close coordination with you, following your specifications and requests.

That’s why we have the motto: “There’s no such word as ‘can’t’” Sometimes all it takes is a simple sketch, an idea or the classic beer mat. The rest is usually hashed out in conversation, and then there is much to be done in the various phases of construction and assembly before we can start up your new special machine together.

machine plants

A machine plant comprises a combination of special machines or automation cells. These form a machine network that can be operated as a unit in a production plant, or as a complete standalone solution for individual process steps.

The approach is the same as with an individual special machine. Based on your requirements, wishes and ideas, we get to work on the development, planning and design of the machine plant. Of course we won’t forget to consult you along the way to fine-tune the individual components.

Your project is unique!
That’s why we take the time to
communicate with youso that we can develop the perfect solution for it.


From the initial idea to the special machine:
development + engineering + manufacturing

What makes esmo automation special? We don’t just build machines – we develop, design + manufacture from start to finish.
In other words: from the idea, to the special machine, to the series-produced machine.

Sometimes our customers only approach us with an initial idea, which we then develop and shape in small teams and in coordination with our customers. Then we carry out the first preliminary tests. Then it's on to the engineering, development of the control and construction in various cycles – and thus, the first special machine is created. On request, we can then continue developing, improving and optimising processes, procedures, etc. until our customers' machines are ready for series production. And we do this according to NASA’s Technology Readiness Level (TLR) measurement system.

Machine engineering to plan:
build to print

In addition to in-house development, engineering and manufacturing, you can also task esmo automation with build to print. This means that you design it and we’ll manufacture it according to your specifications – and it goes without saying that we’ll meet all of your requirements in terms of design, performance and quality. Finally, you’ll be provided with all data and reports relevant for conformity and quality testing.

Benefits for you: You outsource the processes that are not part of your actual core business, and you get to precisely calculate the costs and select your partners independently. This saves you valuable time and money, especially when it comes to surplus production during workload peaks. Simple!

Always here for you
in person!

Technical know-how is one thing. Communication is another.
We are here for you in person! You can take our word for this – and hold us to it.

Feel free to contact us at any time before, during and even long after completion of your special machine or machine plant – we will then get back to you as quickly as possible to clarify your queries and concerns. That’s just part of our service!

We’re happy to help!
Lars Ingenhag · Head of Business Unit automation

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