How has esmo group developed over the years?
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esmo group

Based in Rosenheim, southern Bavaria, esmo automation is a business unit of the esmo group. We develop innovative, customised automated solutions for our customers. As a full-service provider with over 2 decades worth of experience, we develop, design, and manufacture machines — including series produced machines — from start to finish.

We take the time to uncover our customers’ needs in order to develop the best and most  effective solutions. These solutions can be in the form of “simple” fixture construction, building special machines, and even planning, developing, and designing assembly and production lines.

Tap on our expertise to plan, select, and implement suitable strategies and technologies for your manufacturing needs.

Our global presence guarantees our customers’ international support and market presence through our subsidiaries in the USA, Singapore, and China.

Locate us at:

esmo automation
Plant II – Rosenheimer Str. 44
83064 Raubling

Tel.: +49 8031 23388450

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Company history

esmo group comprises three business units: esmo automation, esmo semicon, and flexos GmbH. esmo semicon is a leading global supplier to the semiconductor industry, and flextos GmbH is an expert in special machines for the drywall industry.

Since its inception in 2001, the esmo group has successfully expanded its global operations and has established itself as a partner of choice for many international businesses.

Today, the esmo group has subsidies in the USA, Singapore, China, and Taiwan, and serves customers on every continent.

2001 — esmo AG was founded in Rosenheim, Germany

2004 — esmo AG opens its first office in Asia, esmo Asia Pte. Ltd. in Singapore

2005 — esmo AG invests in a new facility in Rosenheim

2005 — esmo AG opens its first office in USA, esmo USA Corp. in Santa Clara, California

2006 — esmo AG increases its capabilities in Rosenheim with two new production halls

2007 — esmo AG is awarded Bayerns Best 50 for its successful entrepreneurial development

2008 — esmo AG opens its second office in Asia, esmo Asia North Co. Ltd. in Shanghai, China

2009 — flextos GmbH is incorporated in Rosenheim, Germany

2011 — Accuron Technologies Limited acquires the esmo Group

2014 — esmo Asia North Co. Ltd. invests in a new location in Shanghai, China

2016 — esmo USA Corp. establishes its presence in USA with its relocation to Roseville, California

2016 — esmo group invests in a second plant in Raubling, Germany

2018 — esmo Asia Pte. Ltd. moves to new, larger premises

2020 — flextos USA Inc. invests in a larger facility

2021 — esmo Asia Pte. Ltd. expands its office in Singapore

2022 — esmo TW Ltd. Co. is incorporated in Zhubei, Taiwan

2022 — esmo Asia North Co. Ltd. invests in larger facilities in Shanghai, China

Locations Around the World

esmo AG Germany – Rosenheim

Zentrale – Plant I
Sales + Service
Design + Application
Development + Engineering


esmo AG Germany – Raubling

Plant II – esmo automation
Design + Application
Development + Engineering


esmo USA Corp. USA – Sacramento

Sales + Service
Design + Application


esmo Asia Pte. Ltd. Singapore

Sales + Service
Design + Application


esmo Asia North Co. Ltd. China – Shanghai

Sales + Service


esmo TW Ltd. Co. Taiwan – Zhubei

Sales + Service
Design + Application