Build to print
Contract manufacturing + job order production

Machines and machinery
– built exactly to your specifications and plans

High-Precision Manufacturing

Machines built for your project,
in strict compliance with your specifications and plans.

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Simply provide us with your plans, design, data, and list of parts, and we’ll produce the machine for you.

Our team will review your documentation and work with you to plan for any necessary modifications to ensure optimum results. Once all plausibility checks are complete, we’ll produce your machine at our assembly facility in Raubling, Bavaria.

Our workflow:

  • Inspection of documents
  • Proposal of necessary adjustments, if any
  • Procurement of materials needed
  • Preparation of the assembly of machine
  • Manufacture and testing of machine
  • Commissioning, delivery, and installation of machine

Let us take care of production!

Receive your solution
in just a few steps.

What can you expect?
Full flexibility, reliability, and precision — and a partner with extensive experience in manufacturing machines and machinery.

Whether you need a single machine or an interconnected machine system, let us take care of the production process for you:

  • Your specifications form the basis for our workflow and list of parts, and we’ll verify all sketches and plans (including tolerances, plausibility, materials, etc.) before moving onto the assembly phase.
  • We machine components in-house, and source and use quality tested parts from trusted sources.
  • We produce most components in-house, but if we are unable to produce your required part, we will search for and order the quality tested parts from suitable suppliers.
  • Our commissioning department rigorously reviews, tests, and approves every component, and we guarantee absolute precision in manufacturing and completing your order.
  • We plan every step in detail. We’ll provide you with a manufacturing schedule and keep you updated on any changes.
  • Our purchasing, design, engineering, assembly, and quality assurance departments work together to complete your machine with exceptional quality and precision, according to your drawings, plans, and specifications. Where applicable, our team will also suggest relevant adjustments before you embark on further (series) production.



We don't currently have videos about build to print production, but we'd be happy to tell you more about our capabilities and successes in a one-on-one conversation!

Here’s an example of a project in which we showed what we can do!

"We searched far and wide for a company
that we could commission for individual projects
that exceeds our manufacturing capacity, especially during peak periods.
At some point, we stumbled upon esmo — thankfully!

The lads at esmo Automation understood exactly
what we needed and they kept us informed of small inaccuracies in our plans,
even though they didn’t need to.

That was great, and it ended up
saving us a lot of time, effort, and money.
We will choose esmo again."


P.H., Technical Director, Packaging Industry

Contact us:
Lars Ingenhag  |  Head of Business Unit automation

Phone: +49 8031 23388450