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Our cross-sectoral experience across various industry verticals allows us to help engineer, develop, plan, and manufacture effective solutions and/or special machines that meet your automation needs.

To ensure you get the best parts and leading technologies, we have established long-term partnerships with major European manufacturers and suppliers. Tap on our network of partners to integrate digital technologies into your production facilities and throughout your operations.

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esmo CORE

Control and deploy your machines and other individual technologies with esmo CORE.

An automatic and modular construction platform, esmo CORE functions as the centre of your operations. Save operational time by accessing your machines’ control system, switchboard, remote maintenance module, and safety screen interface from one platform. And enjoy a seamless integration experience — esmo CORE is embedded with international standards such as PackML, OPC UA, and our partners’ standardised interfaces.

Equipped with a human machine interface (HMI), esmo CORE performs as a powerful, easy to use management tool that controls every function of your esmo machine. With esmo CORE, any engineer will be able to operate the machine independently.

esmo CORE also works to future-proof your machines. This means equipping your esmo machines with the necessary technologies needed to meet future environmental and digital requirements.

Robotics + Handling Systems

Your machine system can be customised to feature fast delta kinematics, tetrapods, 3-, 4-, 5- or 6-axis systems, conveyor belts, pick and place, and many other technologies for complex tasks.

Fusion Processes

Entrust your fusion processes to us. Whether it’s assembling, screwing, pressing, riveting, gluing, or soldering, we have the right technology for you. We guarantee a high-quality end product with little to no downtime.

Inspection Technologies

Our specialist companies offer the latest industrial image processing solutions and complex automatic optical inspection (AOI) systems. We also use mechanical and optical scanning solutions, which are an integral part of our non-destructive testing portfolio.

UniCell - Modular Automation Cell

Tap on UniCell, our cross-industry compact automation housing solution that is best-suited for small- to medium-sized components with mid- to high-cycle rates. Configure your UniCell to perform specific production or testing tasks, and to integrate seamlessly into your automated production process.

The benefits you enjoy:

  • a compact automation solution suitable for use in various industries
  • a standardised machine/design platform→ fast availability and delivery
  • modular construction → virtually endless options for expansion and scaling
  • wide range of accessories and additional modules from leading manufacturers (e.g. feeding, separation and packaging systems, etc.)
  • standard interfaces (OPC UA, keyword: Industry 4.0)
  • user-friendly HMI touch display for convenient control of the system
  • option to integrate a control cabinet and install a robotics/vision controller (IPC)
  • stable, robust, welded machine frame made of steel (high stiffness) → optimum damping of dynamic robot movements
  • compact design offers easy access for regular set-up/maintenance work

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