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For more than 2 decades, esmo has been at the forefront of the automation market. We have been chosen as a partner by many companies and major brands across different industries such as consumer technologies, automotive, medical engineering, warehouse logistics, and pharmaceutical.

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Our state-of-the-art solutions and products enable companies to adapt to ever-changing demands, paving the way towards long-standing relationships and repeat projects.

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Assembly Machines and Testing Equipment for Parking Sensors

The requirements

Automate assembly line of vehicle reversing sensors

Our customer

A listed French automotive supplier that specialises in the development, manufacturing, and sale of components, integrated systems, and modules for passenger cars and commercial vehicles.

Our solutions

Three assembly and test machines that increased the cycle time per sensor to between 3.5 – 4.2 seconds.

Features include:

  • A control platform that connects all modules to the machines;
  • Seven camera systems that are used to carry out optical inspection and error detection tests;
    2 SCARA robots, a freely programmable ring indexing table, and 2 portal systems.

Handling of Deep Drawing Plastic Parts

The requirements

Separate and prepare deep drawing plastic parts for filling

Our solutions
A customised automation machine that works within the tolerances of plastic parts and the customer’s cycle time.

Features include:

  • 2 vibratory feeders that separate the deep drawing plastic parts;
  • 6-axis robot that picks up and feeds the separated parts to the filling line.

The Trade Fair Machine

We designed, developed and manufactured this special machine to demonstrate our expertise in special machine construction at trade fairs and other events.

Milled plastic parts are conveyed from a vibratory feeder and picked up by an individually automated robotic system. The robot's triple gripper picks up the parts and moves them linearly across a 3D measurer.

The good parts are fed to the indicated labelling system on a conveyor system and the bad parts are deposited separately. After labelling, the task is subject to an automated optical quality control by means of a camera system and the component is deposited “on the fly" by an axis system on another conveyor system.

Bad parts are discarded here, too. In order to create a cycle for demonstration purposes, all parts are returned to the separation system (vibratory feeder) at the end.

As previously mentioned, the esmo automation trade fair machine is just one of our many varied options when it comes to special machine construction.

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