award for ongoing commitment to dual vocational training

esmo AG receiving Martha Pfaffenberger Training Award of the City of Rosenheim 2022

When the first esmo AG trainee started his training as an industrial mechanic in 2006, no one knew for certain how this topic would further evolve in the company. Over the years, however, a large number of new trainees have joined the company as mechatronics technicians, industrial technicians, technical product designers, IT specialists, and industrial clerks. A total of 53 trainees have thus started and successfully completed their vocational training at esmo AG, and all of them have been taken on.


The city of Rosenheim, Germany, has now honoured the commitment of esmo AG to promoting young professionals in a very special way: On May 24th, CEO Andreas Rothstein, on behalf of all esmo AG employees, received the Martha Pfaffenberger Training Award 2022.

In his welcoming address, Rosenheim Lord Mayor Andreas Maerz outlined the advantages of the dual vocational training system in Germany in general and at esmo AG in particular, which also paid off for the region. This way, young people were offered a perspective for their own future, which also benefited the city of Rosenheim. Only the interaction between the city, the companies, and the young professionals would make the region fit for the future, so it could thus remain viable and operational.

In his subsequent laudation, Andreas Bensegger, Chairman of the CCI Regional Committee, addressed the vocational training program at esmo AG in more detail. All trainees received individual support, in-depth training units on the subject matters of the vocational school were scheduled at the company on a weekly basis, and the training supervisors/managers additionally acted as honorary examiners for the Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCI). All in all, an extraordinary and sustainable commitment which was not very often found in the CCI district according to Bensegger.

Last but not least, esmo CEO Andreas Rothstein expressed his gratitude for being conferred this prestigious award, and re-emphasized esmo AG and its endeavours for the trainees from the company's point of view. Above all, the commitment of the training supervisors Florian Zosseder, Georg Fischbacher, Markus Hittmann, and Christian Herzig as well as the purposeful combination of theory and practice make training at esmo AG something very special, he pointed out. Finally, Andreas Rothstein underlined how essential it was to have fun while learning and working, as this had always been part of the experience for him, for instance during trainee field trips which were taking place on a regular basis. Dual vocational training was an essential part of esmo and would remain so in the future as well, he stated.

Well, and to complete the circle, let's once again go back to the first esmo trainee of 2006: He was also taken on at the time, still works at esmo AG today as an industrial technician, and shares his experience with the new trainees.


About theMartha Pfaffenberger Training Award of the City of Rosenheim:

This training award was conferred for the first time in 2009. It is presented every two years to companies in the city of Rosenheim which are particularly dedicated and committed to the topics of education and training. Its name goes back to Martha Pfaffenberger, who established the first apprenticeship foundation in Rosenheim at the beginning of the 17th century.

About training at esmo AG:

For training year 2022/2023, all training positions have been filled. However, numerous career and training opportunities are once again open for interested young people for the upcoming year 2023/2024. For more information on training at esmo AG, please refer to: