EXPRESS configurator for your TH/prober/handler etc.

esmo semicon docking + interfacing solutions –
excellent cost/performance ratio for supreme testing reliability

All esmo semicon docking and interfacing products offer standardized features for integration in any conventional handler, prober, and tester types. At request, they may also be equipped with optional features – direct-dock solutions will be available as well.

esmo semicon design specialists develop individual solutions for the adaptation and integration of test head manipulators as well as docking and interfacing systems into test cells for both front- and back-end testing.

Based on a thorough determination and definition of requirements in cooperation with customers, esmo semicon provides comprehensive services: from the selection of appropriate equipment to completely new designs in order to achieve optimized and highly efficient test cells.

Our objective: to meet the challenges of today's complex tester/probe card interface applications both in terms of performance and operation, and provide you with a customized system, precisely as per your requirements and demands, for increased utilization rates, an enhanced ease of use and operation as well as sustainable safety – thus, with this maximum of efficiency and profitability, a clear added value for your business.

esmo semicon develops custom-fit solutions for each designated purpose

  • consistent accuracy
  • accurate, distortion-free signal transmission
  • excellent repeatability
  • high compatibility
  • exemplary adjustability
  • durable + robust design
  • modular structure
  • multiple, distinct setup configurations
  • ready-to-use configurations for almost all applications
  • specialized, high-end test floor equipment
take advantage of the esmo semicon package deal
  • virtually infinite system integration options to create complete test cells
  • specialized and experienced staff to ensure excellent design quality and custom-fit technical support
  • reduction of inadvertent damage to testing hardware caused by operating errors
  • smart design – high-quality production – state-of-the-art products – virtually maintenance-free
  • quick return on investment – reduced set-up times – increased test yields – long-term value
  • exceptionally short design and lead times
  • customized installation/training services