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Is your product not listed?
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esmo semicon test head housing + sockets –
customized to your requirements

The esmo semicon test head housing has been designed to carry customized instruments and test cards. It allows you to handle your test cards like you would with a conventional ATE test head as well as to dock it to various wafer probers or device handlers.

All esmo semicon products are a result of a long-proven and time-tested joint venture:

Basing on our profound know-how, expertise, and experience of many years, we – in cooperation with our customers as well as in consideration of their feedback, their concerns, and their requirements – develop and design customized key solutions as per your individual specifications.

esmo semicon test head housings and sockets have been designed to perfectly complement esmo semicon docking systems and manipulators.

esmo semicon designs cost-efficient and functional solutions for each designated purpose

  • consistent accuracy
  • excellent repeatability
  • high compatibility
  • exemplary adjustability
  • durable + robust design
  • modular structure
  • most diverse configuration and technology options
take advantage of the esmo semicon package deal
  • virtually infinite system integration options to create complete test cells
  • specialized and experienced staff to ensure excellent design quality and custom-fit technical support
  • reduction of inadvertent damage to testing hardware caused by operating errors
  • smart design – high-quality production – state-of-the-art products – virtually maintenance-free
  • quick return on investment – reduced set-up times – increased test yields – long-term value
  • exceptionally short design and lead times
  • customized installation/training services

desktop tester

design as per your specifications

mechanical test head housing

design as per your specifications

mini housing

design as per your specifications

test head housing for 19” inserts

design as per your specifications

test sockets

design as per your specifications