EXPRESS configurator for your TH/prober/handler etc.


glossary of terms + abbreviations used in esmo group documentations

AOIautomated optical inspection
ASMasynchronous motor
AS/RSautomated storage and retrieval system
ATEautomatic test equipment, automated test equipment
CAPAcorrective action, preventive action
CCMchange and configuration management
CCW, ccwcounterclockwise
CIPcontinuous improvement process
CTCcold temp cover
CTHcompact test head
CUHcontact unit holder
CW, cwclockwise
design freezeThe design freeze completes the design – the design has been examined and approved by the customer. Only then the purchasing process may commence. In order to optimize/save project time, the design freeze may also take place in partial sections (for individual systems/plants/machines or assemblies).
The following features/criteria will be examined:
  • system/plant/machine or assembly group functionality
  • mountability/assembly
  • operability/usability + ergonomics
  • service accessibility + spare parts
  • safety
The design freeze is an essential milestone, which will be elaborated and executed in a most detailed and conscientious manner by both esmo AG and their customers. Any design changes and follow-up costs occurring subsequent to the design freeze will be separately invoiced to the customer.
DFNdual-flat no-leads
DIB, dibdevice interface board
DMCdata matrix code
DMSdead-man switch
DUTdevice under test
ECMengineering change management
EISequipment identifying symbol
EMCelectromagnetic compatibility
EMOemergency off
EOATend of arm tooling
EPOemergency power off
ERP systementerprise resource planning system
ESDelectrostatic discharge
FAIfirst article inspection
FATfactory acceptance test ::: The FAT is a functional test of the system/plant/machine at esmo AG together with the customer. The objective is the early detection of critical faults in the system/plant/machine prior to delivery. The successfully passed FAT will be the prerequisite for the delivery release of the system/plant/machine, and the subsequent issuance of the third partial invoice.
The detailed functional scope of this test will be precisely defined in advance upon order placement – it will furthermore depend on the general testing and inspection possibilities of the system/plant/machine at esmo AG.
FEMfinite element method
FIFO principle,
FIFO mode
first-in/first-out principle/mode
FMEAfailure mode and effects analysis
FSEfield service engineer
GPIB, GP-IBGeneral Purpose Interface Bus, General Purpose Instrumentation Bus
GTCGeneral Terms and Conditions
GUIgraphical user interface
HMIhuman/machine interface
HVMhigh-volume manufacturing
ICintegrated circuit
IP Codeinternational protection rating, ingress protection rating
LCD, LC displayliquid crystal display
LEDlight-emitting diode
LTHlarge test head
MAmodified atmosphere
MA packagingmodified atmosphere packaging
MLFmicro lead frame
NCCnormally closed contact
NDAnon-disclosure agreement
OPD, opdouter pull-down
OEEoverall equipment effectiveness ::: The OEE indicator – combining parameter availability, performance and quality – will constitute the basis for the acceptance of the system/plant/machine. The following chart depicts the calculation of the OEE:

overall equipment effectiveness

Performance Efficiency
The term "performance efficiency" is defined as the ratio between the theoretical output and the quantity actually produced, including bad/reject parts. The theoretical output will be calculated by multiplying the declared or stated power of the system/plant/machine by its actual operating time.

Quality Factor
The term "quality factor" is defined as the ratio between the good products and all manufactured products

The system/plant/machine shall have satisfied all quality criteria of the products to be manufactured prior to the test. Any system/plant/machine, manufacturing inferior quality products, may not be tested.
OJTon the job training
OMOone-man operation
OPC UAOpen Platform Communications Unified Architecture
OpMode, OPMODEoperation mode
OPD, opdouter pull-down
OPOone-person operation
OSAToutsourced assembly and test
PackMLpackaging machine language
PCBprinted circuit board
PCQPprocess control quality plan
PDAproduction data acquisition
PDM systemproduct data management system
PDP, pdpprober docking plate
PEprocess engineer
PIB, pibprober interface board
PLCprogrammable logic controller
PPEpersonal protective equipment
QFPquad flat package
QFNquad flat no leads package
QR codequick response code
RFIDradio frequency identification
RIDradio interference discrimination
RM(A) Noreturn material/merchandise authorization number
RPArobotic process automation
Riemenspannerbelt tightener
SATsite acceptance test ::: The SAT is a functional test of the system/plant/machine at the customer site after assembly/installation and commissioning. It should show and prove the proper installation and functionality of all safety devices. Additionally, the system/plant/machine must have already fulfilled all defined customer safety check specifications and further requirements. The control program is available and the system/plant/machine is ready for operation.
The system/plant/machine shall prove and meet all performance data and reliability requirements in a defined endurance test during SAT. All operators and service staff are trained.
After passing the SAT, the system/plant/machine may be used for production. Effective the date/time of the successfully passed SAT, the warranty period will commence, and the area of responsibility for the system/plant/machine will be transferred to the customer.
The detailed functional scope of this test will be precisely defined in advance upon order placement. After successfully passing the SAT, the system/plant/machine may be used for production – all system/plant/machine-related documentation will be submitted/handed over to the customer:
  • user/operating manuals
  • technical data
  • code words/passwords
SCCRshort circuit current rating
SD cardsecure digital memory card
SNserial number
SOPstandard operating procedure
STHsmall test head
THtest head
UL marks, UL labelsUnderwriters Laboratories marks/labels
WAFwidth across flats (wrench size)