EXPRESS configurator for your TH/prober/handler etc.

talos – optional features

taper (tape output)

for hot/cold sealing with adjustable sealing force feature

tray stacker

for automatic loading/unloading operations with trays

z2 with contact force control feature

for direct measuring during contacting

junction control (JC) + power dissipation compensation (PDC)

for direct read-out, temperature control and compensation

temperature control

active thermal control (ATC) option

cooling options

electrical air chiller I dual electrical air chiller I LN2 heat exchanger I hybrid chiller

tube loading/unloading

for manual loading/unloading operations with tubes

tray loading/unloading

for manual loading/unloading operations with standard trays

dual ionizer

closed-loop ionization for input/output area to protect sensitive parts from damage due to electro-static discharge

code reader

for identifying codes on ICs and assigning them to their corresponding test results

vacuum generator

vacuum is required for component pick+place (in case no external vacuum supply will be provided)

air dryer unit

for cold test operations to prevent chiller/heat exchanger icing as well as for chamber purge (in case no dry-air supply will be provided)

external signal/status light

in addition to the standard, internal multi-color status LED illumination

vision alignment

vision system option for small-device contact position correction (x/y/phi)

multi-site handling

dual- or quad-site thermal plunger for contacting multiple test sites in parallel

high contact force

up to 800 N (instead of 450 N)

tape loading/feeding

for manual loading/unloading operations with tape

ESD cover

electro-statically dissipative acryl glass