EXPRESS configurator for your TH/prober/handler etc.

temperature control
active thermal control (ATC) option

key features
  • temperature range of -75 °C to +175 °C (-103 °F to +347 °F) – cooling performance see: cooling options »
  • optional plunger microchamber providing additional performance of up to 10 °C (50 °F)
  • closed loop temperature control – sensor integrated in temperature head
  • highest accuracy due to direct temperature measurement at heatsink, in conductive contact with device
  • high IC power dissipation controllable during electrical test
  • software-operated air flow control system with HMI feedback included
  • changing set temperature of tester via RS232, TCP/IP, or GPIB interfaces –
    • fine adjustment during testing possible
    • single-insertion at multiple test temperatures possible
    • multiple tests at different set temperatures without user interaction possible
  • system interior sealed and purged to prevent icing
  • modular, expandable temperature system
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