EXPRESS configurator for your TH/prober/handler etc.

esmo semicon measuring + testing systems

excellent time/cost/performance ratio
highest reliability for your convenience

All esmo semicon measuring and testing solutions are available with standardized features for integration in all esmo semicon pogo towers.

Based on a thorough determination and definition of requirements in cooperation with our customers, esmo semicon provides comprehensive services:

from the selection of appropriate equipment to completely new designs in order to achieve optimized and highly efficient test cells.

your benefits

  • specialized solutions for quick and reliable troubleshooting
  • intuitive and easy tool handling and operation
  • high-precision measuring/test results
  • including software (results displayed in graphics window)
  • secure data transfer via USB connection plus real-time data transfer
  • transport/storage case (flight case) for all 3 solutions (as standard)

get the esmo package deal

  • smart design – high quality production – state-of-the-art products – virtually maintenance-free
  • quick return on investment – reduced set-up times – increased test yields – long-term value
  • exceptionally short design and lead times plus customized installation/training services
  • specialized and experienced staff providing excellent design and technical support

state-of-the-art solutions for each designated purpose