EXPRESS configurator for your TH/prober/handler etc.

pogo tower planarity + pin compression measuring tool
easy operating

key features
  • easy operating
  • 66 x 48 mm touch screen display
  • robust plastic housing
  • 4-distance sensor for diagonal/cross measuring
  • 0.05 mm measuring tolerance
  • USB connection
  • measuring results may be saved and transmitted to PC
  • adaptations for various pogo tower types available
  • stationary installation in some pogo towers possible
  • compatibility between various test cells
  • correct board position measuring while test head is docked – use of plasticine during setup no longer required
  • providing precise feedback regarding docking adjustments – works perfectly in combination with the esmo helios dock system
  • eliminating pogo tower or docking open contacts or increased contact resistance – facilitated troubleshooting
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