EXPRESS configurator for your TH/prober/handler etc.

contact resistance measuring tool
quick, easy, reliable

key features
  • measuring the contact resistance of contact pins, which are already mounted in blocks, between PIB (prober interface board) and probe card
  • measuring/checking the quality of the contact pins used
  • 100% reliability of measuring methods/data results, independent of supplier information – “double-check to make sure”
  • easy use and application
  • software runs on conventional Windows PC – measuring results will be displayed in a graphics window
  • export of measuring results to Excel file
  • may be used with esmo standard combo 350 and FLEX pogo blocks – other pogo block options upon request
  • 4-wire resistance measurement
  • pads on both PCBs with galvanic hard gold plated finishing of 50 μin [min] to provide for robust and durable coating, qualifying for high numbers of contacting cycles
optional feature
  • mobile design – simple transfer of measuring unit from workplace to wafer test site
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