Integrated Control Technology and Drive Systems

The control technology and the drive systems, forming the heart of any plant or custom machine, are instrumental and mainly responsible for all functions. Drive and system control have to be closely intertwined for the plant or machine to operate as efficiently as possible.

esmo automation attaches significant importance to the deep integration of electrical drive technology in the development environment of the control program. Just as the entire system or custom machine will be planned and produced as per your specific and individual requirements, it is our objective to develop an individual and customized concept in terms of control and drive technology as well. Here the challenge is the intelligent integration of the numerous different components. Our specialists ensure high efficiency at consistently high quality and thus, with an excellent cost-benefit-factor, your continued success, too.

For this we use a functional, modular system – similar to a building block system – which we can customize for you, and realize a great variety of projects. In this "building block system" we have incorporated all our know-how and many years of experience with drive systems, wiring diagram design, robot programming, and electronic, programmable logic controller technology. And so, we will also ensure a smooth integration of the respective drive and control technology at lowest possible error rates.

In the field of pneumatics, the connection of complete valve terminals to a real-time bus system offers great savings potential as well as flexible and modular machine structures.

Our developers make maximum use of all available options to optimize your plants or custom machines in terms of functionality and costs. So you, as a plant operator, can be sure that the automation technology you have commissioned will be realized in the best possible way and precisely according to your wishes.

Control + Drive Engineering
Individual System Architecture for Control + Drive Engineering
Control + Drive Engineering for Efficient Process Automation
Individualized Control + Drive Engineering for Functional and Financial Optimization

Programming and Software Design for Controls and Drives

As per your specifications and in cooperation with you, we initially, and as a basic structure, develop the individual system architecture to master the respective system control task. Subsequently, we will create programs for the various system/plant components:

  • control system: standard or PC-based PLC controls, ideally with remote maintenance solutions
  • HMI: (Human Machine Interface) human/machine interfaces, visualization, central control/operating unit
  • safety control: safety PLC, force-actuated controls, admission/access control

Here we use components of various manufacturers, for instance Siemens, Allen-Bradley/Rockwell Automation, Beckhoff Automation, Panasonic, Sick, and Pilz among others. Nevertheless, we will also be able to realize system architectures with other manufacturers' components for you.

Drive Technology Integration

Aside from control technology, the integration of drives represents one of the core issues in the realization and implementation of innovative automation concepts. This offers biggest potential for cycle time and cost optimization. In order to find the ideal technology for your individual solution, we have got a large range of drive solutions in store:

  • electrical drive technology: servo and linear motor as well as stepping motor, asynchronous motor, or DC motor, if required
  • robotics: pick + place, conveyor tracking, palletizing, sensor and actuator integration plus master controller connection
  • pneumatics: pneumatic cylinders, pneumatic swivel units, axes, and grippers

The selected drive will be coupled with the master controller in such a manner that a large variety of motion profiles and diagnostic functions may be retrieved. This feature offers the operator facilitated machine setup and operations as well as precise and reliable monitoring processes on higher control levels plus, as an additional advantage, the option of remote maintenance access.

Control and Drive Engineering in Industry 4.0

The detailed evaluation of process and machine data is a central tool for optimizing all production processes. Suitable sensors and corresponding software will ensure that process monitoring is carried out optimally and seamlessly, i.e. that not only individual components are "kept in view", but also the entire plant at all times.

esmo automation offers you integrated solutions for monitoring the status and condition of your plants or custom machines. This way, occurring problems may be detected and eliminated at an early stage already. In addition to that, downtimes for maintenance work may be planned in advance.

Machine Data

The collected machine data also includes data on the wear conditions of components, among other things. This allows for upcoming maintenance work and associated downtimes to be planned proactively and sensibly. Unforeseen times during which your system could, at worst, bring the entire process to a standstill due to a complete shutdown can thus be significantly reduced.

Process Data

Due to the fact that we perform end-of-line controls, most of our plants provide process data. This data may be analyzed regarding optimization possibilities within the framework of the production process. Process data, for this reason, forms the basis for continuous process optimization.


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