Machinery Construction

Full-service provider / general contractor in machine plant construction –
from the initial idea to the interlinked special machine plant

Perfect Harmony

Interlinked machine plants
for complex production sequences

Machinery is used in almost every industrial sector to manufacture complex products for the entire economy. The number of machine plants is ever-increasing. In the case of mechanical plant engineering, this basically involves several individual, interlinked special machines – however, these are automated and coordinated down to the smallest detail in terms of safety. This means that the individual tasks of the interlinked machine plants are perfectly intertwined to enable the completion of challenging tasks which are either too dangerous, monotonous or complex for the operator to be able to perform them at the same high, verifiable quality over long periods of time.

To be able to guarantee this, it’s essential to have the right professional, experienced partners on board. The team at esmo automation supports you in the development, engineering, manufacture, assembly and, of course, the subsequent optimisation (e.g. of cycle times) or maintenance of your machine plant.

An esmo machine plant presents the following benefits:

  • you relieve the strain on your employees.
  • increased productivity.
  • increased product quality.
  • errors reduced to a minimum.
  • downtimes are minimised.
  • increased competitiveness.
  • you work more cost-effectively.
  • you need less staff (keyword: skilled worker shortage).

All Specialists
under One Roof

Engineering, software programming, 
development, design, electrical engineering

The team at esmo automation brings together all of the expertise and specialities required to implement your machine plant concept under one roof. We have engineers from the fields of mechanical, electrical and process engineering, as well as system integrators, automation technology experts, software developers and programmers plus certified assembly specialists working in close coordination in every phase of your project.

As well as practical expertise, they demonstrate extensive knowledge and experience of a wide range of system types and leading manufacturers. This means that our team has numerous ways to develop and implement a sophisticated automation solution which is fine-tuned to your needs and your industry, while keeping coordination and decision-making channels as short as possible.

Drawing from our demand analysis, we determine the individual process steps and engineer suitable technical components accordingly. These plant components are then joined together, adjusted and optimised. The addition of automation technology as well as a control and monitoring concept completes the commissioned machine industrial plant. Of course, we take into account both safety-related and environmental factors such as occupational safety and a careful approach to resources, energy, disposal and recycling in the development of all machine systems. Your machine plant is then built and implemented piece by piece according to the design plans we have developed, before tested and documented down to the smallest detail. Our goal is to implement a machine plant in precise accordance with your needs and wishes to maximise process optimisation and effectiveness.


We’ll be glad to tell you in person who we’ve planned, designed and manufactured machine plants for!

Here’s one project in which we were really able to show our strengths.

The engineers at esmo automation know what they’re doing and they’ll take you where you want to go,
with a few new ideas and shortcuts thrown in for good measure.

We needed a plant that would automate various extremely complicated workflows one by one.
This needed to be done as quickly as possible while maintaining a consistent level of quality,
and of course it also had to be affordable.

We ended up with a machine plant that was even better than we’d initially expected.
It took a little longer than we thought,  but that was a price worth paying for the excellent results.

Thank you very much.

S.V., Head of New Business Development, Industrial Engineering

Your contact for machinery construction:
Lars Ingenhag  |  Head of Business Unit automation