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Successful Start for Newcomers at esmo AG in Rosenheim

5 New Apprentices in Industrial Mechanics, Mechatronics, and Information Technology (IT)

On September 01, 2023, esmo AG in Rosenheim warmly welcomed five talented new apprentices into its ranks. Janik Dos Santos and Leonard Peter Lang will undergo their training in the field of industrial mechanics, while Lukas Radspieler, and Peter Strohbeck will focus on mechatronics. Elia Pfaffinger joins the IT team as a specialist in information technology. Florian Zoßeder, responsible for apprenticeship management, Georg Fischbacher as electrical engineering instructor, and Markus Hittmann, Head of IT, extended a warm welcome to the new team members.

To ensure a smooth start at esmo, a special welcome program was prepared. Following an informal introduction session, the "newcomers" had the opportunity to get to know each other better through a team-building game.

The next stop was an informative tour through the production facilities and departments at the Rosenheim plant. Here, the apprentices gained their first insights into operational processes, asked questions, and received valuable information from their trainers about their work and training. A visit to our apprenticeship workshop, where practical training sessions and individual lessons take place, completed the introduction.

Before a shared lunch, Florian Zoßeder and Georg Fischbacher explained fundamental operational processes and organizational matters. In the early afternoon, the tour took the group to esmo's second plant in Raubling, where they visited flextos GmbH and esmo automation.

In high spirits, all participants bid farewell to each other in the afternoon, looking forward to their apprenticeship at esmo AG.

About the esmo Group:

The esmo Group was founded in Rosenheim in 2001 and has successfully established itself in the fields of esmo automation (special machinery construction and automation technology), esmo semicon (handlers, manipulators, docking/interfacing products for the international semiconductor industry), and flextos GmbH (special machinery for the drywall construction industry).

In addition to its technological advancement and business expansion, esmo has been committed to social responsibility and youth development for many years. This commitment was recognized in 2022 when the company received the Martha-Pfaffenberger Apprenticeship Award from the city of Rosenheim. The 100% employment rate for apprentices and the numerous awards received by esmo apprentices for outstanding performance and examination results further demonstrate the company's dedication to apprenticeship support.

About Apprenticeships at esmo AG:

For the upcoming apprenticeship year 2024/2025, numerous career and training opportunities as industrial mechanics, mechatronics specialists, or technical product designers are available to interested young individuals.

For more information about apprenticeships at esmo AG, please visit: https://esmo-group.com/training/