School in Rosenheim seals new IHK educational partnership

Rosenheim-Aising middle school and esmo AG are set to work together on IHK careers programme

Rosenheim’s network of IHK educational partnerships is building up all the time: the Rosenheim-Aising elementary and middle school will soon be working with local firm esmo AG on a careers programme. Both sides recently confirmed the partnership. Pupils will benefit from specially planned company tours, work experience, application workshops and class visits from current trainees. They will also take part in Girls’/Boys’ Day.


“In class, we give our young people an overview of what is important when looking for the right apprenticeship and when applying. The perfect accompaniments to this are tips from professionals’ real working lives and the chance to look behind the scenes of a local company,” says Gerhard Walch, Headteacher at the Rosenheim-Aising elementary and middle school. “Thanks to this educational partnership, the pupils can sharpen their interests and talents and receive advice on finding a suitable apprenticeship. The exchange is important, as it gives these young people a realistic picture of what the everyday life of an apprentice is like. As a school, it is important to us that all our pupils find a dream job that suits them.”


For Florian Zosseder, Head of Training at esmo AG, the educational partnership offers the ideal opportunity to introduce pupils from the region to dual training while they are still at school. “Young people are often not even aware of how many different skilled occupations and opportunities there are. That's why the insights into everyday life at our company and the reports from our current trainees are so important. Through this educational partnership, we want to help the pupils find out about the wide range of possibilities and get tips for a successful start to their professional life.”


According to Jens Wucherpfennig, who leads the IHK office in Rosenheim, dynamic partnerships between schools and companies are enriching for the local economy and for pupils. “The better we develop linkages between young people and companies, the more successful we can be in providing careers guidance. Thanks to partnerships like this one, students can learn about the wide range of apprenticeships in technical and commercial occupations. Firms can introduce pupils to their training offerings gradually, thereby removing any anxieties or reservations. At IHK, we welcome the fact that the network of educational partnerships has become more and more dense over recent years. We would be delighted if every general secondary school in the region had its own educational partnerships.”


About IHK educational partnerships

When establishing an educational partnership, the IHK first makes contact between interested schools and companies. The IHK advises on integrating the partnership into the everyday activities of the school and the company, especially at the start of the process. Opportunities for practical careers support range from careers information evenings, company tours and work experience to opportunities to work alongside companies through Girls' or Boys' Day, right through to teacher training sessions.