test head housing for 19” inserts

design as per your specifications

  • test head housing for 19” inserts
  • test head housing for 19” inserts

The test head housing allows for mounting a standard 19-inch insert and connecting it to a DUT board. The DUT board may be customized, if required. The test head housing is equipped with a board locking mechanism, thus facilitating the simple and quick exchange of DUT boards. Existing docking systems can be easily mounted onto our test head housing. There is no need for changing any in-house standards.

With the 19-inch test head housing 19-inch inserts can be handled just like a standard ATE test head. The test head housing can be integrated in a conventional test head manipulator in order to dock the 19-inch insert onto almost all common ATE handlers. 

our test head housing includes

  • carrier and attachment points for a  standard 19” insert
  • power supply and EMO switch
  • temperature-controlled fan unit
  • mounting points for almost all common docking systems
  • board locking system
  • board stiffener - on demand
  • mounting points for conventional test head manipulators

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