multi-site handling for premium efficiency

multi-site handling for premium efficiency

esmo semicon presenting state-of-the-art optional feature for superior-performance device handling system talos

Demands on semiconductor test programs are becoming more and more challenging. So, for instance, they have to test multiple DUTs at the same time in parallel to improve and thus optimize tester efficiency – a requirement which definitely cannot be ignored, and a requirement which esmo semicon has now responded to:

With their brand-new multi-site handling option, a dual- or quad-site thermal plunger, esmo semicon have expanded the optional feature range of their talos device handling system, and now offer their customers the competitive advantage of contacting multiple test sites in parallel.

For extended test times, i.e. one minute or more, this will generate a significantly higher throughput than commonly applied test processes.

Depending on the respective contact pitch, dual- or quad-site contacting can be supported.

With this beneficial, technological feature, the talos device handling system can replace conventional production handlers, employed for engineering and low-volume test purposes, in many cases.

No additional hardware will be required for the integration of multi-site thermal plungers which are available to all our existing talos customers with immediate effect.

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