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esmo semicon attending NI hosted technology and user convention

esmo semicon @ VIP 2018 @ NI Germany

esmo semicon attending NI hosted technology and user convention

On the occasion of this year's VIP 2018 (= virtual instruments in practice), a technology and user convention hosted by National Instruments in Fuerstenfeldbruck, Germany, from 24 to 25 October 2018, the esmo semicon and NI teams jointly presented and demonstrated the novel esmo engineering handler talos – next generation together with the NI STS T1 tester.

NI furthermore introduced the esmo engineering handler talos in the course of one of its keynote speeches on the topic of current trends and new products for semiconductor testing, and emphasized the rewarding benefits of the simplicity and compactness of this smart and innovative automation cell which is able to meet virtually all customer configuration demands.

"We are very pleased about the most positive response we received and the contacts we were able to make at this great event.", states an esmo semicon executive and continues, "Thank you very much, NI, for your long-standing partnership and friendship. It's been a great privilege again to be part of your team. Thank you also for the opportunity of presenting our latest novelty at your very special event."

For more details on the latest addition to the esmo semicon handling product range, please click the following link: esmo-semi.com/handling/talos-next-generation 

However, if you prefer personal contact, please get in touch with the esmo semicon sales team: esmo-semi.com/contact

We are looking forward to meeting you in person.