double launch

esmo semicon introducing new product + new product category

With the introduction of the pitch point positioning tool, esmo semicon is now also launching its new docking + interfacing product category: measuring + testing systems.

All good things come in threes: Our newly developed pitch point positioning tool will be complementing the two other products – contact resistance measuring tool and pogo tower planarity and pin compression measuring tool – of our newly launched measuring + testing systems product range which has been attuned to the high quality and performance demands of our global customer base.

esmo semicon measuring and testing solutions are available with standardized features for integration in all esmo semicon pogo towers. Based on their comprehensive research and close interaction with customers, esmo design engineers have created unique market innovations to provide specialized, highly reliable solutions with all the benefits of state-of-the-art technology and, on top of that, an excellent time/cost/performance package deal.

Well, let's take a closer look at these tools:

contact resistance measuring tool – quick, easy, reliable

The easy-use-and-application contact resistance measuring tool is for measuring the contact resistance of contact pins, which are already mounted in blocks, between PIB (prober interface board) and probe card, as well as for measuring/checking the quality of the pins used.

pitch point positioning tool– precision at its best

And last but not least the newcomer, the esmo semicon pitch point positioning tool has been designed for easy installation in and use with existing test applications for checking the x-/y-alignment between pogo towers and boards. Being equipped with four 1.2 megapixel cameras (with USB 2.0 connection), the pitch point positioning tool will perform real-time monitoring of x-/y-adjustments and provide precise real-time feedback on a screen display of four camera pictures, with two pictures on the probe card and two on the load board side. The software, included in the USB stick, runs on conventional Windows PCs. Our pitch point positioning tool allows for reliable and exact board position measuring while the test head is docked – the use of imprint indicator tape is no longer required. It eliminates any pogo tower or docking open contacts, thus facilitating troubleshooting considerably. The robust aluminum casing (chromated surface) of the pitch point positioning tool ensures a long product life. The purchased parts package includes a sturdy transport/storage case with foam inlay. esmo standard combo 350 and flex pogo towers are offered as optional applications – other pogo towers will be available upon request. As an optional feature, the pitch point positioning tool may be complemented with a calibration unit for camera unit re-calibration.

pogo tower planarity and pin compression measuring tool – easy operating

The smart and handy pogo tower planarity and pin compression measuring tool facilitates correct board position measuring while the test head is docked. At the same time it provides precise feedback regarding docking adjustments and eliminates pogo tower/docking open contacts or increased contact resistance.

In a nutshell: We wish to make life easy for you and offer you the great benefit of enhanced and reliable testing convenience.

For more information and further details on the tools of our new measuring + testing systems product category, please refer to and convince yourself.