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pegasus evolution

small + convenient solution

  • cost-effective manual solution
  • stand-alone version
  • a result of more than 25 years' experience
  • ergonomic design for facilitated inserting/removing counterbalance weight plates
  • high range of motion in x-/y-axes
  • low-built footing to fit underneath prober for enhanced floor space optimization
  • maximum z-axis motion range for facilitated positioning under handler
  • active cable management (optional)
  • theta motion (optional)
  • durable + robust design
  • optimized footprint for various test heads
  • numerous additional, unique features for individual set-up requirements
  • choice of compatible test heads:
    • ACCOTEST STS 8250/8300
    • Agilent 4082F
    • Eagle ETS-200/300
    • Eagle ETS-364
    • LTX-C ASL/ASLx
    • LTX-C Diamondx Single IMA/Diamondx Single IMA + RF Option
    • LTX-C Fusion MX/CX
    • NEXTEST Magnum PV/HD
    • SPEA C430MX
    • SPEA DOT100
    • and many more on request

vertical travel: 1,100 mm (43.3") manual
swing: 220° manual
side to side: 960 mm (37.8") manual
in/out: 290 mm (11.4") manual
tumble: 180° manual
twist: 380° manual


standard footing
load capacity: 180 kg (397 lbs)  
system weight,

325 kg (720 lbs)
system weight, 

670 kg (1,480 lbs)