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aurora cart

mobile lifting + handling unit

  • unique ease of lifting + handling
  • mobile + multi-functional lifting + handling unit
  • wireless, battery-powered system 
    (demand-based, rechargeable battery packs)
    separate charging station not required 
    → recharge at conventional power outlets
  • various chassis options
  • pallet-compatible design
  • individual load take-up fixtures 
    → facilitated lifting + handling of all possible shapes + sizes
  • variable column height
  • z-axis providing for two speeds plus
    z-axis down motion with force control feature
  • various different footing design options
  • individually adaptable to customer requirements

a key solution, developed in cooperation
with customers for design + manufacture

individual design options

application example, dib-changing system

total height 1,680 to 2,680 mm (66.14 to 105.51”)
total length 880 to 1,080 mm (34.65 to 42.52”)
total width 400 to 1,300 mm (15.75 to 51.18”)
tare weight 40 kg (88.19 lbs)
load capacity 125 kg (275.58 lbs)
lifting speed appr. 95 mm (3.74”)/s (unloaded)
appr. 80 mm (3.15”)/s (fully loaded)
vertical travel 1,192 to 2,192 mm (46.93 to 86.3”)
wheel sizes 75 / 100 mm (2.95 / 3.94”) front/rear
battery charge options 7.2 Ah / 24 V and 12 Ah / 24 V
charging voltage 230 Volt AC, 50 Hz


We individually design your customized system.
Please get in touch with us.