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neptune evolution
compact + robust hinge

key features
  • touch-screen-operated user interface
  • fully motorized
  • intuitive menu navigation + detailed display information
  • password-protected control options for operator + docking modes
  • SD card function for remote maintenance measures + software updates
  • z-axis tactility adjustment based on customer specifications
  • fully automated work sequences + individual docking height settings
  • direct connection to prober
  • linear, vertical motions for linear docking | linear footing (optional)
  • cable management (optional)
  • twist/tumble motion (optional)
  • tactile test head mounting for stress-free docking
  • two-button operation
  • programmable docking configurations
  • compatible with a wide range of test heads applicable to all available probers in the market
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powerful pro

key features
  • optimized distribution of force, allowing smooth and easy operations
  • minimized footprint/floor space in relation to manipulator load capacity
  • modular configuration ensuring "the perfect fit"


  unloaded loaded
load capacity 1,200 kg / 2,646 lbs 1,200 kg / 2,646 lbs
system weight 1,300 kg / 2,866 lbs 3,230 kg / 7,120 lbs



vertical travel (z-axis) 1,100 mm (43.3")
in/out (y-axis) 450 mm (17.7")


swing (z-axis) 120°
tumble ±3°
twist/rotation 180°
theta adjustment ±2.5°
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manipulators and docking systems compatible with
Teradyne Flex plus 36 slot
manipulators for Teradyne Flex plus 36 slot

neptune evolution

compact + robust hinge


powerful pro

docking systems for Teradyne Flex plus 36 slot

pogo tower flex modular

universal use – compatible with existing solutions

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