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low-cost all-rounder

key features
  • up to 300 kg (661 lbs) load capacity
  • optimized footprint for various test heads
  • a result of more than 25 years‘ experience
  • cost-effective manual solution
  • stand-alone footing version – standard
  • linear footing version – easy-to-handle foot brake
  • left/right swing configurations
  • fork arm width adjustable as per test head configuration
  • motor-assisted z-axis motion (true linear motion feature) (optional)
  • side-to-side arm system feature for enhanced handling flexibility (optional)
  • server base platform version with linear rails (optional)
  • twist axis gear box included
  • tumble lock feature with indexing bolt | tumble gear box (optional)
  • active cable management for optimized cable handling
  • numerous additional, unique features for individual set-up requirements
  • choice of compatible test heads:
    • ACCOTEST STS 8200/8250/8300
    • ADVANTEST (Verigy) CTH/1cc
    • CHROMA M3650/3670
    • Eagle Test Systems ETS 200/300/364/800
    • LTX Diamond X/MX/PaX/EX/LX/CX
    • MICROTEST μT Hatina 4s/10s/GP/VIP
    • NEXTEST Magnum SV/PV
    • SPEA DOT100/400/800
    • TERADYNE J750
    • and many more on request
vertical travel: 990 mm (39") manual
linear footing: 550 mm (21.7") manual
swing: 220° manual
side to side: 960 mm (37.8") manual
in/out: 290 mm (11.4") manual
tumble: 180° manual
twist: 360° manual
theta adjustment:
weight standard footing linear footing
load capacity: 300 kg (661 lbs) 300 kg (661 lbs)
system weight, unloaded:  710 kg (1,565 lbs) 810 kg (1,786 lbs)
system weight, loaded: 1,310 kg (2,888 lbs)  1,410 kg (3,109 lbs)
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neptune evolution
compact + robust hinge

key features
  • touch-screen-operated user interface
  • fully motorized
  • intuitive menu navigation + detailed display information
  • password-protected control options for operator + docking modes
  • SD card function for remote maintenance measures + software updates
  • z-axis tactility adjustment based on customer specifications
  • fully automated work sequences + individual docking height settings
  • direct connection to prober
  • linear, vertical motions for linear docking | linear footing (optional)
  • cable management (optional)
  • twist/tumble motion (optional)
  • tactile test head mounting for stress-free docking
  • two-button operation
  • programmable docking configurations
  • compatible with a wide range of test heads applicable to all available probers in the market
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manipulators and docking systems compatible with
Microtest Hatina 4s
manipulators for Microtest Hatina 4s


low-cost all-rounder

neptune evolution

compact + robust hinge

docking systems for Microtest Hatina 4s

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