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low-cost, mechanical solution

key features
  • mechanical docking solution
  • precise docking
  • repeat accuracy
  • fully inTEST compatible
  • high docking force
  • compatible with existing solutions
  • modular + robust design
  • no cable break/stretching
  • facilitated installation with esmo semicon lupo cart
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helios docking
electrical solution

key features
  • a result of more than 10 years‘ experience
  • revolutionary electrical operation functions
  • highest repeatability
  • z-position teaching feature repeatability of +/- 20 µm in z-axis
  • repeatability of +/- 25 µm in x- and y-axes
  • up to 4 kN locking force (up to 1,000 N per docking module)
  • electrical synchronization of docking modules
  • touch panel with z-position teaching feature
  • EMO on touch panel
  • individual positioning of each docking module
  • 20 mm adjustment of z-position range
  • zero risk of collision with docked board
  • durable and robust design
  • cost-/time-saving operation
  • pin-catch feature in pre-docked position
  • state-of-the-art touch panel operation
  • compatible with great variety of test head solutions
  • compatible with great variety of handler/prober solutions
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manipulators and docking systems compatible with
Cohu MT9928
manipulators for Cohu MT9928

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docking systems for Cohu MT9928


low-cost, mechanical solution

helios docking

electrical solution

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