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automated semicon technologies
powered by esmo semicon

Have you ever thought about introducing compact automation solutions, like automation cells, to streamline and thus optimize your semicon testing/production operations?

In spite of the fact that semiconductor testing and manufacturing is arguably the most complex of testing/manufacturing environments – due to its tightly constrained production processes, reentrant process flows, expensive sophisticated equipment, variable demand, challenging automation requirements, and an ocean of data – it represents a key industry in many industrialized nations, and contributes substantially, both directly and indirectly (e.g. via business services), to the global economy.

With the emergence of increasingly more highly automated fabrication facilities (fabs), there is a distinct and compelling trend to extend the traditional automation scope.

Are you interested in gaining an even more significant market advantage by making your test floor processes fit for Industry 4.0?

Get to know automated semicon technologies powered by esmo semicon, and you'll get and keep way ahead of your competitors.

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