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Robotics in automation

We integrate state-of-the-art robot technologies into the automation processes of the turnkey plants/custom machines we design and implement.

With precise and highly dynamic automated motion sequences, maximum efficiency at a consistently outstanding quality and reliable continuity will thus be ensured.

This is an absolute must for the demanding challenges of digitalization and production automation in the age of Industry 4.0.

Applications of industrial robots

Robot technology or robotics are used, for instance, where humans would otherwise be exposed to unnecessary risks and dangers when carrying out complex production and test processes.

However, robot automation is also the contemporary means of choice where errors in the handling of sensitive workpieces and components may be avoided or excluded, in comparison to conventional processes, through the precision ensured by industrial robotics.

The design and realization of customized automation solutions as well as the integration and programming of robots, robot systems/robot plants, and/or robot cells are an integral part of the esmo automation service portfolio.

Our experts configure automated robot applications (including robotic applications for end-of-arm tooling, EOAT) for the following areas of application among others:

  • feeding, loading, pick + place (conveyor technology)
  • production
  • inspection, test, quality assurance (QA)
  • sorting, separating, packing (packing technology, logistics)
  • assembly, machining, further processing (assembly systems/plants, assembly devices etc.)

esmo automation integrates applications of various renowned and leading robotics manufacturers in its automation systems (plants and custom machines). Our selection is not limited exclusively to certain manufacturers, so we always realize the optimum robot solution for our customers which best suits their particular tasks and requirements.

Robotics is developing with remarkable speed and dynamics in the fields of image recognition and image processing (Industrial Image Processing – High-Precision Control + Reliable QA). Due to its high reliability and process safety, among other things, it is also playing an increasingly vital role in the above-mentioned application areas.

robotic arm, esmo automation
articulated robots

Articulated robots are industrial robots with up to six axes, for example –

  • SCARA robots (horizontally articulated robots)
  • palletizing robots
  • 5- and 6-axis robots
  • collaborative industrial robots (cobots, human-robot collaboration)


Key benefits and major advantages for the application of these robots:

  • ready-to-use solution with control system included
  • simple and fast spare parts supply
axis systems

Two or more standard linear axes may be used to create handling systems with individually distinctive properties – robots consisting of axis systems include, among others:

  • portal robots
  • gantries/gantry systems


Key benefits and major advantages for the application of these robots/systems:

  • customized adaptation of the respective traverse paths to the individual application at hand
  • optimum adjustment of individually required loading capacities
robot arm/axis system combination

This solution combines the benefits of the robot arm kinematics with the motion range of the axis system.


The high degree of operating speed and force of industrial robots require an equally high level of carefully thought-out and efficient safety precautions to prevent or exclude any personal injuries and/or equipment damage. esmo automation guarantees a safety- and CE-compliant design and implementation of your plants and custom machines (by using/integrating enclosures/housings, sensor technology etc.).


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