Laser marking

The laser marking systems employed by esmo automation do not only feature the utmost in precision and quality but also offer highest printing speeds. They are equipped with clearly structured computer-based controls, designed for intuitive operation. This makes it easy to create serial numbers, data codes, or other relevant component data, and attach them to or mark the respective workpieces accordingly.

Having numerous configuration options at your choice, the process of industrial marking or industrial identification may be completely individualized and tailored to your specific demands as well as your requested fields of application. Sizes, shapes, and functions will thus be precisely attuned to your particular requirements and circumstances.

laser marking by esmo automation

Integrated laser systems by esmo automation

We seamlessly integrate your requested marking system in the plant or system we have designed without any greater effort. Upon request, we will integrate the laser marking system directly into your process chain. Here, we are extraordinarily flexible, and adapt the system precisely to designated tasks and requirements.

Our specialists for industrial image processing assure premium expertise and guarantee a comprehensive view of attaching and evaluating codes. This means, the camera system reading out the respective bar, matrix, or QR codes, will be directly included in our conception and planning stages as well.

We employ the following laser marking systems among others:

With our many years of experience and premium-level professional know-how, we have been able to solve every particular challenge we have been faced with in the very best interest of our customers.  You will furthermore benefit from our profound knowledge of all test criteria pertaining to laser safety, as we are in direct contact and closely cooperate with TUEV auditors.

laser marking – esmo automation integrates individually attuned laser systems into your industrial process chain

Laser systems' fields of application

Product labelling/identification: laser marking

esmo automation laser marking systems perform a great variety of labelling and marking tasks. And so, these systems will be employed to attach barcodes, DataMatrix codes, QR codes, alphanumeric codes/identifications, or logos as well.

In industry, fast and automated component marking or labelling is applied for further processing, traceability, and/or piracy/trademark protection. Codes applied to metal or plastic by means of laser marking systems will permanently remain intact/in place as they are waterproof and wipe-resistant. The configuration options for laser marking are so varied and flexible that there are virtually no technical limitations as far as their shape and/or contents are concerned.

Computer-aided, automated marking processes are used in most various manufacturing processes and methods across all industries – in the automotive industry, in medical technology, or for supplying individual components in the sectors of plant and custom machine engineering.

Product processing: laser cutting and laser welding

Aside from marking components, we also offer you the option of processing components (made of suitable materials) by means of laser radiation in automated processes. These include, for instance, welding, cutting, and/or separating.

By using welding lasers, plastics, metals, and various material mixtures may be permanently connected. Its high speed, its narrow, almost seamless welding seams as well as its excellent automation capacity make laser welding a popular joining method in industrial production.

Cutting lasers can separate or cut components or materials. By using laser cutting techniques, stencils, inlays, or high-precision cutting components can be produced in the quickest, most efficient manner. The materials'/components' cutting edges are so precise and clean that no follow-up processing or subsequent work will be necessary.

custom machine by esmo automation with a welding laser for attaching wear marks

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