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Laser marking

The laser marking systems employed by esmo automation do not only feature the utmost in precision and quality but also offer highest printing speeds. With their clearly structured, computer-based and intuitively operable control system, serial numbers, data codes, or any other relevant component data/information may be created and applied in the simplest possible way.

Comprehensive configuration options allow for a consistent individualization of industrial marking in line with your specific requirements and any application possibilities you may request.

Integrated laser systems

Our experts for industrial image processing include the marking system you have selected in the conceptualization and planning of your plant or custom machine in a "holistic approach", and integrate it directly into your process chain upon your request.

Based on our expertise in the area of laser safety as well as our close cooperation with TUEV inspectors, we furthermore assure compliance with any and all applicable test criteria.

We employ the following laser marking systems among others:

Applications of laser systems

laser marking product labeling/identification → laser marking

esmo automation laser systems perform a great variety of labelling and marking tasks such as attaching barcodes, DataMatrix codes, QR codes, alphanumeric codes/identifications as well as logos.

In industry, automated component marking or labelling is applied for further processing, traceability, and/or piracy/trademark protection. Being waterproof and wipe-resistant, codes applied to metal or plastic by means of laser marking systems will permanently remain intact/in place as they are. The configuration options for laser marking are so varied and flexible that there are virtually no technical limitations as far as their shape and/or contents are concerned.

Computer-aided, automated marking processes are used in most various manufacturing processes and methods across all industries – for instance, in the automotive industry, in medical technology, or for supplying individual components in the sectors of plant and custom machine engineering among others.

product processing → laser cutting + laser welding

In addition to component marking, components made of suitable materials may also be processed by means of laser radiation in automated operations such as welding, cutting, and/or separating.

By using welding lasers, plastics, metals, and various material mixtures may be permanently connected – its high speed, its narrow, almost seamless welding seams as well as its excellent automation capacity make laser welding a popular joining method in industrial manufacturing.

With the use of cutting lasers, components or materials may be separated or cut to size, and also stencils, inlays, or high-precision cutting components may be produced in the quickest and most efficient manner – precise and clean cutting edges, without any further follow-up processing or rework, speak in every respect for the industrial use of laser cutting processes.


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