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Integrated control technology and drive systems

Control and drive technology as vital components stand for reliable system performance and optimum efficiency, and are therefore the be-all and end-all of any plant or custom machine.

This way, we attach significant importance to the deep integration of electrical drive technology in the development environment of the control program. In an all-encompassing approach, our experts combine numerous different components into intelligent drive systems by precisely coordinating the interaction of mechanics, sensors, actuators, and information processing with an undivided focus on a continuous, market-oriented process innovation.

We use a functional, modular system, based on our profound know-how and many years of experience with regards to drive systems, wiring diagram design, robot programming, and electronic, programmable logic controller technology, which we will individually adapt for your automation project.

[Translate to Deutsch:] Integrierte Steuerungstechnik und Antriebssysteme

Software design for controls and drives

We will design an individual system architecture tailored to the respective system control requirements and then, in the next step, develop the programs for all systems involved:

  • control system: standard or PC-based PLC controls (ideally with remote maintenance solutions)
  • HMI: human/machine interfaces, central control/operating unit, visualization
  • safety control: safety PLC, force-actuated controls, admission/access control

We employ components from various manufacturers, such as Siemens, Allen-Bradley/ Rockwell Automation, Beckhoff Automation, Panasonic, Sick and Pilz – and, of course, we will also realize system architectures with components from other manufacturers.

Drive technology integration

With the integration of plant-specific drive systems, we create the greatest potential for optimizing both cycle times and costs. Here we rely on our comprehensive repertoire of drive solutions:

  • electrical drive technology: servo and linear motor as well as stepping motor, asynchronous motor, or DC motor, if required
  • robotics: pick + place, conveyor tracking, palletizing, sensor and actuator integration plus master controller connection
  • pneumatics: pneumatic cylinders, pneumatic swivel units, axes, and grippers

The selected drive will be coupled with the master controller in such a manner that a large variety of motion profiles and diagnostic functions may be retrieved. This feature offers the operator facilitated machine/plant setup and operations as well as precise and reliable monitoring processes on higher control levels plus, as an additional advantage, the option of remote maintenance access.

Control and drive engineering in Industry 4.0

As a central tool for a comprehensive production process optimization, esmo automation offers you integrated solutions for a detailed evaluation of all your process and system data. With state-of-the-art sensor technology and corresponding software the status and condition of your custom machines or plants will be monitored precisely and seamlessly – i.e. any occurring problems will be detected and eliminated at an early stage already, and any downtimes for maintenance work may be planned in advance.


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