Automation technology

In this age of digitalization, the Internet of Things (IoT), and Industry 4.0, data-supported, intelligent manufacturing (smart manufacturing), manufacturers are now requiring optimally tailored solutions in terms of resource efficiency, quality assurance, and increased productivity.

This is the only way to withstand ever increasing competition and, at the same time, to achieve a higher ranking in national and international markets in the long term.

Is this just a passing trend? Definitely not. We are facing an imperative challenge here, and there is clearly no way around it. This challenge can only be mastered with data-supported, fully automated production. 

The benefits and advantages of automated manufacturing processes, digital production control/monitoring, diagnostics, and the like are convincingly and sustainably demonstrated in key figures such as overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) or, for example, in the parameters of lead time and delivery reliability.

smart technology making you fit for Industry 4.0 – esmo automation

As an international full-service provider, we specialize from A to Z in innovative, customized solutions for plant engineering, custom machine engineering, and industrial automation.

Depending on the requested, particular degree of automation, we develop machines and plants for production automation as well as test/inspection facilities and/or systems. With the use of state-of-the-art automation technology, our machines/plants – stand-alone solutions or solutions for integration into existing systems – execute complex processes.

Our competencies range from basic fixture construction, custom machine and plant engineering to in-depth consultancy, planning, developing/designing, and manufacturing complex automation solutions, assembly, and production lines. For this we deploy state-of-the-art automation and process technology from leading manufacturers in order to realize all factory automation objectives, as defined and specified by our customers, with pinpoint accuracy.

In a closely networked cooperation, our team of engineers and technicians from the areas of mechanical engineering, electro-mechanical engineering, electronics and mechatronics, our software developers, system integrators, and automation experts, all with their profound technical expertise and long-standing know-how, create the perfect basis for the reputable quality rating "German Engineering".

Based on our cross-divisional experience and knowledge of the most diverse industries and sectors of the economy, we furthermore offer our customers comprehensive consulting services. This way, we elaborate most efficient solutions and concepts together with them in close communication and interaction.

Depending on the specific automation requirements, we implement our customers' investment decisions in turn-key, fully automated, or even hybrid machines and systems – e.g. flexible manufacturing systems (FMS), machining/processing centers, assembly systems, production lines, test/inspection systems and many more.

Whether you may prefer flexible industrial automation models, e.g. you wish to plan independently of batch sizes or quantities, or you aim at optimally aligning clearly defined processing functions, such as series production – we provide you with highly qualified and reliable support.

Our objective: the technologically refined automation of individual tasks and processes, precisely as per your specifications and requirements. For maximum efficiency and profitability, because time is money.

And so we will be your competent and reliable partner in the wide range of automation technology to select and apply tailor-made strategies and technologies in order to achieve and realize your defined business objectives – from the initial phase to the implementation, and final handover.

Full-service provider for made-to-measure automation solutions

one-stop shop PLUS cross-divisional know-how

Consulting → projecting → planning → developing → manufacturing → assembling → commissioning your plant: we are your partners. With our many years of experience and our comprehensive expertise in the fields of mechanics, electronics, robotics, software development, and control engineering we provide you with the best possible solutions, precisely tailored to your requirements. Our experts cooperate closely throughout the entire project under the direction of specialized project managers who will be your exclusive points of contact.  Of course, we will also take care of any and all other matters arising, such as subsequent service and the further development of your individual solution, if you wish.

maximum flexibility for premium solutions

Automate whatever can be automated – from simple fixtures and semi-automatic systems to complex assembly plants and conveyor lines, up to fully automated production and/or inspection lines. According to your specific task, we will demonstrate the highest level of problem-solving competencies and skills, and convince you with our innovative approaches. So we flexibly combine in-house developments with available automation technology – such as rotary indexing tables/systems, industrial robots (robots, cobots or collaborative robots), sensors, feeding systems, conveyors/transfer systems/transport systems, laser and image processing systems, etc. –, and design individual automation solutions performing complex tasks, operations, and processes.

concentrated and focused expertise

Our expert teams implement most complex tasks, with the dynamics and specialized expertise typical of our company, in a targeted and timely manner. Basing on your request document, we will develop and design your individual concept which will be specified and substantiated after order placement. Due to the fact that we have all the competencies in-house, you will benefit from our close, interdisciplinary cooperation, coordinated by our project managers, and thus from shortest decision-making paths.

With our German headquarters and our subsidiaries in the USA, Singapore, and China, we guarantee worldwide service and support.

As a member of the employers' association of the metalworking and electrical industries bayme vbm, we are also committed to the high quality standards and guiding principles of this association in the spirit and tradition of German Engineering by assuming responsibility for the economic success as well as the maintenance and expansion of our customers' competitiveness, and have made this our corporate goal, among other things.

automation technology by esmo automation – YOUR benefits

With the implementation of state-of-the-art automation technology, we will optimize your (production) processes in the best possible and most efficient way, particularly regarding:

  • Profitability: efficient deployment of workforce/resources + reduced operating and production expenses
  • Productivity: increased (production) output + improved (production) flexibility + 24/7 operations = 100% plant continuity
  • Quality: harmonized (manufacturing) quality + compliance + excellent process accuracy + traceable, auditable documentation of machine/test/process data
  • Human + Environmental Safety: elimination of monotonous and physically strenuous work steps + exclusion of humans from health-hazardous (manufacturing) processes + prevention of health risk and hazards

automation technology fields of application

Modern (production) processes employ innovative automation solutions and are used in most various industrial sectors, for instance in –

  • manufacturing technology
  • assembly technology
  • test technology/engineering
  • medical technology + health care
  • recycling + disposal technology
  • logistics
  • automotive
  • chemistry + pharmacy
  • the semiconductor industry
  • the mineral oil industry
  • etc.

From conceptual design and project planning to design engineering, assembly, and commissioning – practical examples


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