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Automation technology

As an experienced full-service provider we develop innovative, customized solutions in the sectors of plant engineering, custom machine engineering, and industrial automation – from the initial phase to the implementation, the commissioning, and – last but not least – the final hand-over.

esmo automation develops machines and plants which master complex tasks based on automation technology. These machines and plants are customized to satisfy individual customer demands – single components and end-to-end solutions may either be designed as stand-alone units or integrated in existing systems.

Due to our experience in a wide range of industries we are able to provide extensive and profound consultation services to our customers in order to develop effective solutions and concepts for as well as in cooperation with them. Our competences comprise basic fixture construction projects, custom machine engineering and plant engineering as well as planning, developing/designing, and manufacturing comprehensive automation solutions, assembly, and production lines.

In this large and complex field of automation technology, esmo automation will be your strong and reliable partner in the selection and choice of adequate strategies and technologies to realize your individual corporate goals.

Full-service provider for customized automation solutions

One-stop shop: cross-divisional know-how

The terms "full-service provider" and "one-stop shop" aptly describe our service portfolio as a manufacturer and supplier of automation technology:  we are your partner, from projecting and developing your plant, up to its production, assembly, and integration/start-up. Our electrical/mechanical engineering and software development experts cooperate closely throughout the entire project, under the direction of specialized project managers. With our many years of experience and our comprehensive expertise in the fields of mechanics, electronics, robotics, software development, and control engineering we provide you with the best possible solution for your individual requirements. Of course, we also provide subsequent service and maintenance support to you and, upon request, further develop your existing solution.

Premium flexibility: precise orientation towards customer demands

The possible degree of automation we offer reaches from simple devices and semi-automatic systems to complex assembly plants and conveyor lines, up to fully automated production and/or inspection lines. According to your specific task, we demonstrate a high level of problem-solving competencies and skills, and convince you with innovative approaches.
We flexibly combine in-house developments with available automation systems – such as rotary indexing tables, industrial robots, feeding systems, conveyors, laser and image processing systems, etc. –, and integrate them into individual automation solutions which will master complex tasks and processes.

Dynamics: concentrated and focused competence for increased time efficiency

One of our core strengths are our project handling dynamics. With our excellently trained and experienced specialist staff, we are in a position to implement even most complex tasks in a targeted manner. Basing on your request document, we will develop and design your individual concept which will be specified and substantiated after order placement. Due to the fact that we have all the competencies in-house, you will benefit from our close, interdisciplinary cooperation, coordinated by our project managers, and thus from shortest decision-making paths.

With our subsidiaries we are represented on three continents. Starting from Germany, the USA, Singapore, and China, we guarantee worldwide service and support.

high-precision automation technology by esmo automation
process automation by esmo automation
individual automation solutions as per customer requirements

Your benefits with automation technology by esmo automation

The primary objective of automation technology is the best possible optimization of production processes. The advantages, to name a few, are as follows:

  • Profitability: efficient workforce deployment + reduced operating and production expenses
  • Productivity: increased production output + improved production flexibility + 24/7 operations
  • Quality: harmonized manufacturing quality + excellent process accuracy + traceable, auditable documentation of machine/test/process data
  • Human + Environmental Safety: elimination of monotonous and physically strenuous work steps + exclusion of humans from health-hazardous manufacturing processes + prevention of health risk and hazards

Automation technology fields of application

All manufacturing processes work with automation solutions. For this reason, process automation is employed in most various and numerous industrial sectors and areas nowadays, for instance in:

  • manufacturing technology
  • medical technology + health care
  • recycling + disposal technology
  • automotive
  • chemistry + pharmacy
  • the semiconductor industry
  • the mineral oil industry
  • etc.

Irrespective of the requirement – whether components have to be glued, bent, welded, assembled, separated, and tested, or whether goods have to be handled, tracked, conveyed, and packaged – esmo automation designs and realizes state-of-the-art customized automation systems.


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