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With our many years of experience as well as our comprehensive expertise in the fields of automation technology, control and drive engineering, robotics, industrial image processing, and laser marking, we offer you best-in-class solutions for your individual requirements.

Depending on your specific tasks and applications, we will combine in-house developments with standardized automation systems – such as rotary indexing tables, industrial robots, feeding systems, conveyors, laser and image processing systems among others – and integrate them into innovative automation solutions.

Integration of in-house developments combined with standard components

gantry + conveyor systems

By using a gantry robot, the advantages of linear and robotic technology can be combined in one system, with highest reliability and accuracy at optimum speed parameters.

In case you additionally demand enhanced efficiency and safety in handling components and/or assembling and processing work pieces, portal systems – both area and linear gantry robots – will be an ideal solution for you.

Frequently, stationary transport systems – such as conveyor belts – may be integrated in front of or behind portal systems for component transport.

industrial image processing

Optical testing facilities, usually based on image processing or machine vision systems, are increasingly gaining importance in most various application areas, such as quality assurance and measuring/test engineering. Image processing systems, for instance, automatically detect all deviations from pre-defined standards and even the slightest signs of material wear and tear.

Not only do they convince by maximum precision, they also offer the additional benefit of non-contact operation, whereby sensitive materials may be optimally and reliably protected against damage as well as test materials against contamination. Furthermore, image processing systems are implemented in test processes which – if conventionally performed – would expose persons involved to unnecessary risks and hazards.

laser marking

Our top-performance laser marking systems do not only feature the utmost in precision and quality but also offer highest printing speeds. They are equipped with clearly structured, computer-based controls, designed for intuitive operation.

Numerous configuration options, depending on exterior factors, allow for customized laser marking operations as per customer demands and requirements. So, for instance, individual height and operability adjustment options will be available. Furthermore, a great variety of applications provide for a precise specification of possible fields of utilization.

industrial robots

Industrial robots may optionally be integrated in production lines, or be developed and designed as robot cells for stand-alone operations to perform partial production processes. They conduct precise motion sequences at high, sometimes extraordinarily high speeds, if required, thus rendering them beneficial for most efficient, automated production chains.

Among numerous other fields of application, industrial robots are used in quality assurance, in picking/placing, sorting and packaging – they are further employed for assembly and processing. Sensor-equipped robots can perform test processes and also be embedded in metrological procedures.

bowl feeders/vibratory feeders

Bowl feeders, also called vibratory feeders, are essential feeding devices in the sectors of automation technology and custom machine engineering. Bowl feeders singulate/separate bulk materials (e.g. smallest/small parts) for automated further processing, and precisely align these parts in order to feed them to their respective destinations in pre-defined quantities and orientations.

Vibratory feeding systems or bowl feeders are successfully employed in many industries – mainly in the sectors of automated production and assembly. The top-quality systems we select and integrate ensure excellent availability, a continuous conveying/output performance as well as maximum sorting accuracy.

In order to make optimal use of these high-performance feeding systems they may optionally be equipped with double or multiple feeders, and/or combined with storage systems, step or linear feeders.


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