Development + Engineering for Machine Construction

From the Initial Idea to the Series-Produced Machine:
we implement your ideas for automated production

We Bring Your Ideas to Life

Present in all industries, with an interdiscplinary
approach and over 20 years of experience.

What sets esmo automation apart from other machine construction companies? It’s simple: the interdisciplinary team of engineers, designers, programmers, electrical planners and dvevelopers. They are all experienced specialists in their fields, especially when it comes to building and designing novel special machines suitable for use in multiple industries.

We set ourselves no limits in this regard: our motto is “there’s no such word as ‘can’t’”. We act as the eyes, ears and brain to bring your idea to life. And you’re in good hands with us: We’ll make your ideas a reality. In other words: we’ll plan, develop, manufacture and optimise your very own special machine. From the initial idea until readiness for series production.

The experience of our colleagues covers a wide range of different types of machines: from automatic welding machines to laser systems; from milling and punching machines to interlinked production and packaging machines (plants). Depending on the requirements and the area of application, we include technologies from the fields of robotics, handling, separation, surface inspection, image processing, product identification/labelling, stacking, sorting, packaging, conveyor technology, product tracking and many more in the design phase.

We create new things by building on proven technology and reinterpreting it – from the initial idea through to commissioning. With us, you get CE-conformity, risk analysis, EMC and IP tests and documentation from a single source, all without needing to lift a finger. We’ll get in touch as soon as we have any updates and have taken decisive steps. Of course, you can exercise influence over the development of the special machine at any time.

As Unique as Your Ideas

Our team works together closely in order to develop
the best possible machine for you and make it a reality.

In development + (mechanical) engineering – “from the initial idea to the finished machine” - there is an even greater focus on knowledge, ability, experience and, above all, interconnectedness of various disciplines than in classic special machine construction. All of this has to be combined with incredible creativity, because the machine or solution that we’re engineering and building for the automation of your production doesn’t exist yet. To begin with, only you know what it needs to be able to do. We implement your idea, and you get to watch as it gradually takes shape. From the first sketch, 3D drafts and renderings to the initial designs and preliminary tests, to the finished special machine or your optimised machine series

We’re especially proud of these projects, as they’re a team effort from you and us! We work together to create something new and great. Some machines are a guide, while others solve very specific problems. And it is always an interplay between your idea and our experience in development, engineering, electrical planning, control programming, manufacturing, commissioning and service. It is a process with various stages of development, and one that we’ll undergo together. In the end you’ll be amazed as you see your own special machine solution start up in front of you. This excites as just as much as it does you!

Expertise and Experience

  • Development and design
  • Calculation and simulation
  • Project management
  • Quality management
  • Technical documentation
  • Risk analyses and risk assessments
  • Manufacturing technology
  • Process optimisation
  • Supply chain management
  • Automation
  • Machine learning
  • and much more

Our Range of Services in the Area of Development + Engineering

With over 20 years of engineering experience in machine construction and a team of experts from every discipline, we are a strong partner for you in the field of special machine and machine plant construction. With us, you can realise your ideas for the next generation of automated production machines, conveyor systems, packaging systems etc. Engineering from experience with an eye for current trends and future technologies (Industry 4.0) is our approach for the machine construction of the future.


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When I first got in touch with esmo, all I had was an idea and some initial,
vague conceptions of how I wanted it to be implemented.

We then entered the development process together with the engineers.
Yes, the machine looked different to how I’d imagined it,
but it worked exactly how we wanted it to, and that’s what counts.

My employees are very happy working with the machine.
We got my idea “up and running”.

R.W., Engineer + Entrepreneur, Entertainment Industry

Your contact for development + engineering:
Lars Ingenhag  |  Head of Business Unit automation