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Custom machine engineering – made-to-measure solutions

esmo automation develops, designs, and installs automated machines and systems in the worldwide sector of custom machine engineering, individually and precisely tailored to customer requests and requirements.

Our objective: the automation of particular tasks, procedures, and work steps, precisely as per your requirements and demands, to achieve a maximum of efficiency and profitability.

This way, we offer you the entire range of services within the framework of our core competencies – mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, automation technology, assembly technology – plus a full-service package which you may take advantage of as and when required.

During the conceptual design, development, installation, and commissioning of your custom machine, a contact person, responsible for the organization and realization of your project, will be assigned to you. And also after that we will always be available for technical questions, service concerns, and maintenance tasks, at your request.

There is a steadily increasing demand for automation, in particular for automation solutions in the area of custom machine engineering, in virtually all industries in order to meet the challenges of globalized markets, decrease production costs and, at the same time, increase productivity and quality. Custom machine solutions by esmo automation are thus employed in most various sectors: our customer base includes, for example, international enterprises from the automotive and consumer goods, test engineering as well as medical technology industries.

custom machine engineering by esmo automation

esmo automation – your custom machine, one-of-a-kind

your benefits

  • combination and integration of individual work processes in a custom machine, i.e. in a compact automation unit → excellent cost efficiency due to floor, installation space, and cycle time optimization
  • single-source package deal → consulting, project planning, design + engineering, production + assembly, electrical assembly, integration + commissioning, service/customer support, remote access to machine control system, after-sales services
  • reliable and timely project implementation guaranteed by globally networked expert staff pools
  • long-standing, financially stable corporate base
  • highly efficient, modern, and interactive merchandise management, supplier, personnel, and assembly processes ("Supplier of the Year" Award)
  • attractive and fair price/performance ratio due to state-of-the-art production methods as well as in-house production
  • flexibility – we respond promptly, for your better, flexible, and versatile planning
  • process transparency and traceability – we provide you with all data and reports relevant to/required for conformity and quality in custom machine engineering

proven expertise and competence

  • interdisciplinary know-how of custom machine engineering basing on long-time and proven business operations in most various industry sectors
  • more than ten years' experience of project management in custom machine engineering worldwide
  • highly skilled management and expert teams
  • state-of-the-art manufacturing skills, methods, facilities, and machinery
  • highest quality awareness, standards, and performance
  • highest quality certifications (DIN EN ISO 9001:2008, TUEV, ERP system etc.)

Here you will get an overview of our reference projects.

comprehensive service portfolio

  • conceptualization, design, development, and production of any custom machine/automation unit commissioned by you – precisely, as per your requirements, your performance and quality specifications as well as your budget or cost framework
  • a consistently dynamic and continuous optimization of production, assembly, test procedures, supply chain, and service
  • cost monitoring and control in each production stage – no hidden fees or unexpected charges whatsoever
  • highest prioritization of and undivided focus on quality, reliability, legal compliance, as well as safety/security in every single step of the decision-making and manufacturing processes
  • comprehensive range of state-of-the-art automation technologies (control + drive engineering, robotics, industrial image processing, laser marking)
  • Industry 4.0 compliance
  • optional extension/expansion and/or integration (system integration) of a custom machine unit into plant complexes

As a member of the employers' association of the metalworking and electrical industries bayme vbm, we are also committed to the high quality standards and guiding principles of this association. Among other things, we have made the economic success as well as the maintenance and expansion of our customers' competitiveness our corporate goals.

From conceptual design and project planning to design engineering, assembly, and commissioning – practical examples

Handling of moulded parts in custom machine engineering by esmo automation
Assembly and inspection systems for reversing sensors
Handling of deep-drawn plastic parts in custom machine engineering

Individually automated custom machine for demoulding, quality control, and packaging of sensitive moulded parts.

find out more …

Modularly built system for the assembly and visual inspection of reversing sensors for motor vehicles.

find out more …

Custom machine for separating deep-drawn plastic parts, and making them available for subsequent filling.

find out more …

custom machine engineering – complex plant unit
Assembly and inspection systems for reversing sensors
Handling of deep-drawn plastic parts in custom machine engineering

Automation Cell

Configure smartly with our modular system for automated work steps.

Our innovative cell module system offers you an ideal combination of standardization and individualization.

In short: maximum efficiency and flexibility at an excellent price/performance factor.



What particular advantage does custom machine engineering have for my company?

With the automation of individual tasks and processes you will achieve maximum efficiency, highest quality, and best profitability at the lowest possible risk of personal injury and equipment damage.

Which processes can be automated in custom machine engineering?

Typical work steps that can be automated are, for example, transport, handling, assembly, inspection, and packaging of smallest to medium-sized parts/components.

Is a custom machine always a stand-alone solution?

No, not necessarily. A custom machine may be configured either as a stand-alone or as a system integration solution, and thus offers the ideal combination of standardization and individualization.

Which budget will be required for a custom machine?

The custom machine project will be designed and realized on the basis of your specifications and your budget requirements.

How quickly can a custom machine engineering project be realized?

The project period essentially depends on the complexity of the task. The project process includes the conceptual design, project planning, design engineering, assembly, and last but not least, the commissioning at your site.


esmo custom machine engineering –

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