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esmo automation,
your experienced build-to-print partner

the term …

… "build-to-print" represents a specialized field of contract manufacturing. In the build-to-print process a manufacturer builds products, equipment, or components precisely according to technical drawings provided by the customer. Design specifications are explicit and frequently coupled with performance and quality requirements.

OUR build-to-print benefits for YOU

  • excellent value – with our international production sites, you realize a most attractive price/performance ratio
  • streamlined and cost-effective operations – your capital investment and employee training are minimized
  • independent contracting – you can choose your design engineer, supply chain, manufacturer etc.
  • flexibility – we provide quick responses, allowing versatile planning for you
  • process transparency and traceability – we provide the data and reports for compliance and quality
  • focused resources – you can outsource processes not within your areas of excellence or capital assets

OUR competences for YOU

  • specialized build-to-print manufacturer, with 10 years of experience building worldwide installations for our global customer base
  • proven and accomplished German management team
  • longstanding, successful collaboration between international production sites
  • state-of-the-art manufacturing skills, methods, facilities, and machinery
  • highest quality awareness, standards, and performance

OUR offer for YOU

  • manufacturing of any requested machinery, equipment, or components in strict compliance with your design, performance, and quality specifications and requirements 
  • end-to-end optimization of fabrication, assembly, test, supply chain, and service
  • cost control considered at every single step – no hidden fees or unexpected charges
  • uppermost regard for quality, reliability, regulatory compliance, and safety in every step of the decision-making and manufacturing process

Our production resources are yours.