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As a specialist in custom machine and plant engineering we develop innovative solutions for a wide and comprehensive range of applications – from the conceptual design to the commissioning of your system.

Regardless of individual requirements – whether components have to be glued, bent, welded, assembled, separated, and tested, or whether goods have to be handled, tracked, conveyed, and packaged –, esmo automation designs and realizes state-of-the-art customized systems to achieve optimum efficiency of your product manufacturing processes.

We are ISO 9001 certified and comply with international standards. Furthermore, we put great emphasis on the quality and safety of our products, thus making us your competent and reliable partners in selecting state-of-the-art technologies to realize your corporate goals – and this, in turn, is our declared goal.

products by esmo automation

Your benefits with our automation solutions:

Our automation solutions consistently focus on the optimization of your process structures in order to increase your competitiveness, to exploit your potential, and to strengthen your economic standing and market presence – efficiently, consistently, and sustainably.

Profitability → efficient deployment of workforce/resources + reduced operating and production expenses

Productivity → increased production output + improved production flexibility + 24/7 operation = 100% plant continuity

Quality → harmonized manufacturing quality + compliance + excellent process accuracy + traceable, auditable documentation of machinery/test/process data

Human + Environmental Safety → elimination of monotonous and physically strenuous work steps + automation of health endangering manufacturing processes + prevention of health risks and hazards


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